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Throughout the project we have been joined by participants in Russia, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Below are participants who

wanted to be acknowledge as being part of the project.

Linda Sept2021 (3).jpg

LINDA LAPIŅA (they/them; she/her)

I work as an associate professor of Cultural Encounters at Roskilde University, Denmark. I am also a migrant and a dancer. My research focuses on bodies, affectivity and difference, from an intersectional feminist perspective. I work with affective methodologies, drawing on auto-, multispecies and sensory ethnography, memory work and arts-based methods, including dance, visual methods, performance and poetry. My recent research examines more-than-human entanglements, memory, affectivity and senses, including engagements with urban nature-cultures, water and plants.



Tavonga Jacqueline Manyonga is determined to inform and transform through the written word. Tavonga Jacqueline Manyonga is the Content Manager at Reignmakers Media Company and the Communications and Public Relations Manager for SahWira Africa International. She is a creative writer, who’s fiery and incisive tone resulted in her working with Leadership, South Africa’s #1 Award Winning Business Magazine. She has also worked with Black Business Quarterly. She is the Content Manager for Tribe Business Magazine. She is a passionately driven philanthropist and activist, whose been involved in several NGO work for years. Her focus lies in inspiring and motivating young girls in Zimbabwe to reclaim their feminine energy to dream bigger, identify their purpose and to think outside the box society has confined upon them. She is currently doing writing workshops with girls in Zimbabwe on Reclaiming the voice and our feminine power. 

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