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During the third Feminist and Queer Solidarities Beyond Borders workshop, Faith Mkwesha from SahWira Africa International gave a keynote lecture, ‘Mobilizing transnational solidarity using online petitions: #ProtectBlackGirlsToo campaign’ on 20th April 2021. Faith discussed the importance of transnational solidarity in advocating for the decolonization of humanitarian appeals that are grounded in white saviorism ideology, racism, classism, and sexism. You can read more about this lecture in the 'Futher Reading' section below.


Please use the following links to read more about this topic

Mobilizing Transnational Solidarities Using Online Petitions: #ProtectBlackGirlsToo Campaign

Faith Mkwesha, SahWira Africa International

Keynote speech from April 2022 workshop

The Combahee River Collective Statement

The link to the right is a reading of the statement in Russian

English text can be found here

Russian text can be found here (translated by Lesya Pagulich and Tatsiana Shchurko)

Islamia Queeristi (Islamic Queerist)

Project - Finnish

The project, which maintains a decolonizing queer perspective, seeks to challenge prevailing notions of Islam as a monolithic manifestation of the cisheteropatriarchate and to bring long-silenced queer Muslims to the center of the Islamic debate. 


Organizations that deal with Intersectional and Anti Racist Activism

SahWira Africa International

An organization fighting for women’s and and girls’ rights, against racism, poverty and violence.


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